Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Gg" activities and things that start with "Gg"

Ghost and the letter "G".

Gatorade and Guitars

One of our favorite books ~ "Goodnight Moon" and Glasses.
The "Gg" book and the Girls.

Grapes and Gymnast.
George the monkey and Glove
(Tatiana pretending to be Michael Jackson)
Goodbye and Goodnight

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"Ff activities and things that start with the letter "Ff"

The Frog toy they all love (Thank you Auntie Grace)
and a Fresh Fruit Flower bouquet. They had Fun picking the
Fruit, making the bouquet, and then sharing/eating the bouquet.

If you have been Following our blog since the beginning
you might remember back in March when we planted
our Flowers...well it seemed appropriate to give you an update
on them. As you can see they are still growing. If you have
not been Following our blog but would like to see how these
Flowers started you can check it out in the archives ~ March
under Green Thumb.
The Letter "F" and Fabulous Flutes

Flip Flops

Fantastic Fish

Flag and Four Fingers

The "Ff" book and Feet.

Flowers ~ They each had fun picking their Favorite color Flower.

Funny Faces

Animal Magic

Today our library had The John Abrams Animal Magic Show.
It was so cool the children and I really enjoyed it.

Desiree was called up during the Chinchilla magic trick.
She got to see a Chinchilla up REALLY close as you can see.

Desiree had to check out a book on magic tricks.
She wants to learn to do magic just like the Magician.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Ee" things and "Ee" activities

The letter "Ee"


This is where we live and the "Ee" book


Embrace (Caleb and Desiree) and Tatiana Eating.

Elephants and Eleven books!

Tatiana helping make Edible Elegant Eggs (Deviled Eggs)

Desiree was Excited and loved them.

Envelopes and Eggplants


Now for an Exam!

Can you guess the Eyes?

Eye #1

Eye #2

Eye #3

Can you guess the Ears?

Ear #1 Ear #2 Ear #3