Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Exploration

How does the outside of the pumpkin feel?
Desiree ~ "Smooth", Caleb ~ "Hard", Tatiana ~ "Baby".

Off with the top! How does the inside of the pumpkin feel?

Desiree ~ "Slippery"

Caleb ~ "Yucky"

Tatiana ~ "Disgusting"

Lots of seeds (or as Caleb calls them seashells).

Desiree drew a princess face on her pumpkin, Caleb said he
wanted a scary pumpkin, and Tatiana wanted a baby pumpkin.
Mommy carved them.

Princess Pumpkin, Scary Pumpkin, and Baby Pumpkin.

The finished products. Look what we helped make!!
Learning about pumpkins is so much fun.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Desiree going to school and Tatiana wanting to go with her.

I LOVE this outfit!!!

This used to be Desiree's when she was little
and Desiree got it from the Katz's family.

Pumpkin Patch

We went with our neighbors to Bates Nut Farm.

Tatiana/Alberto and Caleb/Fernon

Desiree/Frank and Farmer Tatiana

Farmer Desiree and Farmer Caleb

A pile of pumpkins. How do you pick just one?

These are some huge pumpkins.

Pumpkin Faces ~ Desiree, Tatiana, Frank, Caleb, and Fernon
The Carter children and the Garcia family. Lots of Fun!

Pink Tongue

Desiree had a piece of candy that turned her tongue pink.
She just had show me and pose for a picture. Of course then
Tatiana wanted to pose for a picture just like her big sister.


The Wal Mart Pumpkin Patch

Free Choice

At Desiree's school during free choice she loves to play
dress-up, paint, explore at the science table, etc...

Fire Department

Desiree exploring the Firetruck.
Desiree and her class had fun learning about Fire Safety.

Matching Outfits

I am one of four girls and had a mother who loved dressing us in the same clothes.

That being said...I try not to force my girls to dress alike. This is why I am constantly surprised that even though their dressers are in two different rooms and they each pick out what they want to wear that many times they come out wearing the same colors and or styles.