Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow White / Ballerina

Tatiana loves playing dress-up.

Valentine's Day 2010

My Little Valentines

Kidsville 2/7/2010

Tatiana learning to ride a tricycle.

Desiree the cowgirl!

Caleb building fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Bears

The children loved these Valentine bears they saw at Wal Mart today. They were as big or bigger than them. They kept telling me that if we didn't get them that they were so cute they would not be there for long. I told them we could come visit them again another day.

Karate Good News

He was so excited to wear his "gentle used" Karate outfit.
I had to hem it 13 inches... so it has lots of room for him to grow.
Before class started today Caleb's teacher said she wanted
to move him from the "Beginner Preschool" class to the
"Advanced Beginner Preschool" class.

At the end of class Caleb received his first belt. GO CALEB!!!

Matching Outfits from Auntie Kim

These are the outfits the girls received for Christmas from their Auntie Kim.
They wanted to wear them right away but needed to be hemmed.
I finally hemmed them and they were so excited.
Desiree was so excited her outfit matched her school backpack.

Tatiana taking a break on Shamu while waiting for everyone to finish getting ready for school. Shamu went to school today with Desiree and is going to spend a few nights there. They are studying ocean animals and are going to Sea World for a field trip next Monday.