Thursday, April 30, 2009

April's last post.

I suppose I should write something to keep up with my average of one post a day. Well April has been interesting to say the least... lots of emotions. So why should the last say of April be any different. Today started out like any other day but soon changed. A brief run down ~ throwing up in a cup in car (over-share I know)on my way to my moms, had to make a pit stop (won't go into those gross details *major over-share). While getting Tatiana out of the car the car next to us had a dog that tried to escape and was very viscous looking and acting. As I proceeded to remove myself and Tatiana out of the way I fell. While trying to protect Tatiana from getting hurt I injured my knee. I thought it was just some really bad scraps but it turned into a bad bruise and lots of swelling. Well after all of that I went to my moms to borrow clean clothes and proceeded on with my day. Fortunately the rest of the day was pretty normal. I am looking forward to getting some GOOD rest and the start of a new month.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Children

Carter Children: Desiree, Tatiana, and CalebHowse Children: Andrew, Aidan,and Alexis
Scriven Children: Clint, George Jr, and Jacob
Wendeln Children: David and Kaliee
Heil Children: Shayna and Shelby

Wendeln Cousin Collage

These are the collages I put together for my mom and myself.

Top row left to right: All Children and Nana,
The Boys, All the children, and The Girls.
Bottom row left to right:
Charity's Children~Desiree, Caleb, and Tatiana
Joy's Children~Andrew, Alexis, and Aidan
Grace's Children~Jacob, George Jr., and Clint
David's Children~Kaliee and David
Faith's Children~Shayna and Shelby

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bedtime Routines

There are so many things we do before bed. We start around 6:00 so that everyone is in bed by 7:00. Everyone changes into pajamas, they all try to use the bathroom, everyone brushes their teeth, we read 3 books (one for each child), we put on their doo-rags (pictures below) , and the last and a favorite of everyones is everyone picks a pillow on Dad and Moms bed and we all (the children and I) lay down and talk about our day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cousin Pictures

If you would like to check out some REALLY cute pictures of all the Wendeln cousins, then follow this link and enter the Customer Name: CHARITY CARTER. You gotta check them out, they are so adorable. 13 cousins under 10 years old. They have so much fun together. Sure wish we could get together more often. Each family is in a different color ~ My children are in orange: Desiree, Caleb and Tatiana. Joy's children are in green: Andrew, Alexis, and Aiden. Grace's children are in blue: Jacob, George, and Clint. David's children are in yellow: Kaliee and David. Faith's children are in Purple: Shayna and Shelby.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

In the Mix - Ice Cream

Jacob, Tatiana, Desiree, Caleb, Clint, and George

Kidsville ~ Jacob

Speed Racer
Fire Fighter
Posing for Auntie Charity.
Scary Dinosaur!
Up and out...escaping jail!

Kidsville ~ Desiree

So many dress-up little time!
George (Batman) and Desiree (Princess)
Look mom no feet!
Taking her baby for a walk.

Kidsville ~ George Jr.

Spider man
Hole in one.

Kidsville ~ Clint, Caleb, and Cameron = 3 C's

Clint moving fast!
Caleb found the trains.
Cameron flying by.
Caleb on the move.
Clint loved this car.

Kidsville ~ Tatiana

Tatiana swinging her baby.
School bus driver.
Hurry! Hurry! Drive the Firetruck
Walking her baby.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Desiree and Caleb trapped Tatiana.
Caleb trapped Desiree
Tatiana and Desiree trapped Caleb.

Celebration of David's Life Part 1

What a beautiful service for David Charles Wendeln II
a life that will be remembered always.
The cake says: ~David~ Forever in our hearts. At home with the LordWhile all parents were in the service for David the children
were having fun across the street with their cousins at
Cornerstone Christian Church (thank you for watching our children).
They were celebrating their Uncle D's life their own way.
Shelby Ann
Shayna and George Jr.
Shayna, George Jr., and Clint
Alexis, Desiree, and Shayna

Desiree says "Uncle David I miss you so much! I will come to heaven
with you when God's says it is time for me to come.
Stay awake so you can see me when I get there."

Celebration Of David's Life Part 2

George Jr. and Shayna
Alexis and Desiree * Notice the shoes!
Caleb found the train track.
Alexis and Desiree
David loved the balloons.

My Little Blessings

It is rare that I let a picture of me be posted
but I thought the children looked so cute.
I am a truly blessed mother.

Drummer Boys

David and Caleb had fun playing drums.
Caleb doesn't normally share his drums
with anyone...I guess David is the exception.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wendeln Cousins 7 of 7

Charles enjoyed seeing his Niece and Nephew again.
We all agreed they will have to come visit more often and stay longer.
Kaliee, Uncle Charles, and David